What is Bynase

Bynase is a digital asset trading platform that gives all world wide web users a
platform to buy and trade any class of assets on one platform

How do I invest?

Any one can invest on the Bynase platform by first creating a free account, you
may choose to buy bitcoin from any exchange platform or make transfer from
your blockchain account to your Byname account to start trading. We highly
recommend that any user sends the bitcoin from the Blockchain accounts
because transactions from exchanges take very long to reflect on accounts

How do I benefit?

Immediately after purchase of any package, a user receives the Bynase coins
(BNC coins), and starts earning daily from the profits generated from Trading.
Currently our team of trading experts does the trading on behalf of all our
users, however after BNC is put on public exchanges the users shall start
trading for themselves

Where does Bynase get the money that it gives users daily?

Bynase does not give users money, it trades using their funds and retains a
percentage of the profits generated, the balance of which is given to the users
daily basing on level of investment for a specific period of time

Where does Bynase take the other share of the profits?

Bynase retains 40% of the trading profits, these funds are used to pay the
trading experts, and developing the bynase trading platform which will be
advanced to operate automatically. The biggest share is dedicated to marketing
the application

When and how do I withdraw my profits?

Users withdraw their profits every Monday, we have a whole week of trading.
Users are able to withdraw using Bitcoin, Bank and Mobile for countries that
allow mobile payments

When will the Bynase coin go public?

We hope to put BNC coin public in the next 7 months

Who can access my Byname account?

No one except you has access to your account, not even Bynase developers.
system is encrypted for user maximum security

Are the daily earnings there for life?

No, we intend to train all our users to learn how to trade for themselves